Sure, we all knew the iPhone is sexy, but did you know it has powerful matchmaking abilities too? Word on the web is "iDating" parties have sprung up in my home base of San Francisco and while I haven't attended one, I'm pretty curious. Niko Atuna, who co-hosts events in SF, is quoted as saying: "iPhone makes speed dating more user-friendly, because you're rejecting a photo not a real person." Atuna's iPhone dating events cost $25 a person.
The iDating events serve the usual social lubricating spirits and bar snacks so fellow iPhone lovers can mix and mingle. When the meet up portion of the evening is completed, participants make dating selections individually from the iPhones displayed in a private area. A personal message is usually sent via iPhone to check out. You are allowed to accept or decline a request for a date after the event. I happen to think liking the iPhone isn't reason enough to date someone, but I suppose this is a geeky and anonymous way to test the dating waters. Would you do it?

Note: The people in this picture are not iDaters. They were just willing to humor me and let me take their picture.