Whenever I travel, I'm usually on the look-out for Wi-Fi and power outlets. As important as the internet is, I've realized that if you don't have power, Wi-Fi is basically useless! It's ironic that I just happened to spot this laptop power adapter because I was just saying last week that I wish I could get power while in the car. The iGo powerbook adapter will juice up your laptop in any location—even in the car! You can plug it into the lighter socket in your car, the in-flight outlets on planes and standard wall outlets in homes and offices. With the iGo you can also purchase additional tips so you can charge-up your phone, mp3 player, camera, etc. Priced at $120 each.

In the meantime, I think airports should work on installing more electrical outlets. I regularly find myself sharing an outlet with a stranger five gates away from where my flight takes off!