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iMaxi iPad Case and Maxi Mouse Pad

Would You Rather: iMaxi iPad Case or Maxi Mouse Pad?

We expected the maxi pad refrence when the iPad name was confirmed, and it wasn't long before we got our first iMaxi iPad Case ($40) to protect our brand-new tablets. But someone else is expanding our horizons with the Maxi Mouse Pad ($11). I came across this nonslip mouse pad and had to chuckle. Is this where things are headed? School yard humor aside, it leads us to an interesting edition of Would You Rather. In true WYR form, there will be no third option, so you must decide — would you rather rock the iMaxi iPad Case, or the Maxi Mouse pad?

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Rosay77 Rosay77 6 years
It's only "gross" if you don't get your period. It would actually be more "gross" if women did not use their pads during their periods.
Akasha Akasha 6 years
Where is the neither option on this one? I chose the iMaxi iPad but only because it would mean that i have an iPad. Both are pretty gross though. What's next tampon shaped tea bags?
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