Case Closed: Incase Book Jacket For iPad

I've heard that the whole "no white after Labor Day rule" is now considered an old wives' tale, but if it was still a phrase to live by, I'd toss it right out the window in order to get my paws on this white hot Incase iPad Book Jacket ($60). Sure, it's an accessory, but who wouldn't want to stuff their iPad in a bag with this jacket on?

Made from either white or black leather, this case is like getting a two for one deal — you can securely cover your iPad for transport with the elastic closure, then flip the cover around to act as a stand while you watch movies, read, or type with a Bluetooth keyboard. As an extra-added bonus, Incase is offering up a sweet deal on other accessories right now — throw down for the Book Jacket, and either a car charger or combo charger, and get free shipping on your order. Too good to pass up? It's a possibility.