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iPad Review

iPad Review From ElleSB

This post comes to us from community member ElleSB in our Geek Gear Reviews group:

I have a deep love for my iPhone, and I use it to do things I would never have thought a phone was intended for (reading books, writing lengthy memos for work, sending PDF's). So obviously, when the iPad was announced, I knew I needed one. I initially planned to hold out for a 3G, but AT&T dropped my 3G connection one time too many in the month gap between the release of the WiFi iPad and the release of the 3G version. I decided to get the WiFi 32GB and run it off of Verizon MiFi. So far, this has been a dream — lightning fast connections everywhere, and the MiFi is minuscule.

As for the iPad itself, all I can say is "wow." It is amazing. For the first time since I got it, my iPhone is not running out of power halfway through the day because almost everything the iPhone does the iPad does bigger. Internet browsing is spectacular — it is a full browser, as on an iMac or iBook, so web pages are large and fully functional. Email is fabulous, too, I can connect to my employer's exchange email server as if on a mobile device, but the interface is full featured like on a laptop. I have not yet downloaded iWork suite but it looks promising for word processing. Instead, I have been using Word and the Microsoft Office line through my employer's Citrix connection (there is a great Citrix app that allows this).

Read the rest of ElleSB's review of the iPad after the break.

Typing is also good. In landscape mode I can touch-type easily. In book mode, it is harder to touch-type but still possible (that's what I'm using to type this). I have a blue tooth keyboard but, so far, I have not needed to hook it up. For reference, yesterday, I wrote a seven page memo in landscape without undue frustration or being tempted to revert to my laptop or to the external keyboard.


My job is very document intensive, and my hope when buying the iPad was that I would be able to eliminate my use of cumbersome binders by annotating PDF's on the iPad. Again, I have not been disappointed. I downloaded by good reader and PDF Pro from the app store. PDF Pro was buggy so I deleted it but Good Reader is very intuitive and has allowed me to forgo binders on two projects this week. Obviously, when using the iPad as a binder replacement, I have to be on a laptop or desktop when writing (I can't reference my "binder" on the iPad while simultaneously using the iPad as a word processor) but that's not something I would do on a desktop computer either. Oh, and when I need to print, it has not been a problem. I print using a $10 app from the app store; I can choose to send the job to print directly from the native iPad app and it then sends the job through the $10 app and to my printer.

The iPad works great for reading books, too. I have had a Kindle for several years, and I read most books electronically, but I generally found myself reading on my iPhone because it was always with me. iBook on the iPad is far better though- full sized pages, I can read at night (the Kindle requires external lighting), and I can see color illustrations and covers. I have not experienced fatigue by doing this but, then, I am used to reading books electronically and this is not something that generally bothers me.

She's not done yet — learn what ElleSB has to say about multimedia, storage, transport, and the drawbacks to the iPad in her blog post over in the Geek Gear Review group! Don't forget to upload your own reviews — they may be featured on GeekSugar. If you need some additional tips, here's a detailed guide on how to post to groups if you are new to the PopSugar Community. Happy reviewing!

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