When the iPad came to Best Buy on launch day, it was a big deal, and apparently a successful one. After offering the devices in a limited amount of stores, Best Buy recently announced that all of its US stores would carry the device. Now, according to Chief Executive Brian Dunn, the iPad has replaced 50 percent of the store's laptop sales.

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In fact, according to Dunn, sales of bigger gadgets are slowing, being replaced by demand for smaller, portable gadgets like the new-to-Best-Buy Kindle and the iPad. Wired goes as far to predict that "When the iPad gets a FaceTime camera (and hopefully a video-capable version of Skype) then the only people buying laptops will be those who need the horsepower for work."

I'm not surprised at the demand for the smaller devices as mobile gadgets become smaller and faster, though I'm not sure I'd say something so bold as they'll soon replace the laptop. Is it possible?