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iPhone 3G Issues After iOS 4 Upgrade

Apple Investigating iPhone 3G Issues After iOS 4 Upgrades

Apple is going through quite a rough patch lately — from iPhone 4 hardware problems, to lawsuits, to Safari security concerns — and now the headlamp is on iOS 4 and the kinds of reported issues it's causing for iPhone 3G owners.

When iOS 4 was first released, we saw a few hiccups ranging from missing tunes to blurry pics, but those were all able to be fixed relatively quickly. However, continued user complaints of overheating, slow operations, and excessive battery drainage on Apple's forums raised a red flag for the company, who is now looking into possible compatibility issues between the iPhone 3G and iOS 4.

I've personally seen these exact issues occur with a relative's iPhone 3G after upgrading to iOS 4. Her iPhone 3G was speedy pre-upgrade, but chugged along at super slow speeds and did seem to get a lot hotter after installing iOS4. Unfortunately, she's stuck with the problem until Apple releases a fix or is able to downgrade back to the previous OS.


Of course, we already know that not all of the features of iOS 4 work on the iPhone 3G, but if you want to take your chances with an upgrade and need a refresher on the kinds of perks you'll get, just keep reading.

iPhone 3G users are reaping the benefits of threaded emails, home screen folders, as well as Internet tethering (with an appropriate AT&T data plan, that is), while multitasking, Bluetooth keyboard support, and home screen wallpapers are amenities that are strictly for 3GS and iPhone 4 users.

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SweetAnomaly SweetAnomaly 6 years
@ Row D: Me and my bf who are both 3G owner's think the same thing!! But we don't want to succumb to Apple's subliminal marketing scheme hehehehe
anakiya anakiya 6 years
I just bought my iPhone 4, up until about 3 hours ago I had a 3G. I absolutely love it. You know what? my battery life did get worse after the new phone came out so I replaced my 3G with the new phone and my problem is solved. I don't understand why others don't do the same. Why would I expect my old phone to perform as well as the new phone or even as well as it did when it first came out? It's old and it's outdated and it's probably working much harder now. I wish people would stop complaining and solved their own problems without blaming everyone else and expect others to solve their problems for them. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be disrespectful or rude but I am frustrated.
pandacn pandacn 6 years
Only the newest generation of iPod touches, which I'm assuming came out after 3G and is in line with all the other iOS4 compatible models.
Row-D Row-D 6 years
My 3G is VERY slow to respond since my upgrade. And I experience just general crashes with a lot of my apps. Really frustrating. It's as though, they force you to want the new phone! lol.
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 6 years
Wait a minute. iPod touch users can multi task but iPhone 3G can't? What kind of bullshit is that??
misslilad misslilad 6 years
i have been noticing a few blips especially this past week. glad to know that i am not the only one
pandacn pandacn 6 years
where can i lodge my complaint? i have an ipod touch, and i don't have the speed or overheating issues, but multitasking very noticeably drains the battery at lightening speeds. I used to be able to go a few days without recharging. Now, with the same amount of usage, I have to recharge every day. Even though I looked at forums that say having apps run in the background shouldn't affect the battery, that's simply not true. And it's also annoying that there isn't a master way to close down all the apps instead of closing it one by one.
DiamondSkies DiamondSkies 6 years
Finally! I haven't had many problems, but my husband complains all the time. I'll be glad to see this fixed.
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