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iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 Updates

Did Apple Turn iPhone 3Gs to Bricks to Promote iPhone 4?

Remember all of the issues that the iPhone 3G suffered after users updated to iOS 4.0? Phones became incredibly slow and buggy, and in some cases unusable. And, since it's not possible to downgrade your OS (at least, not in a way Apple recognizes), 3G users were stuck with slow and difficult-to-use phones. Now a new lawsuit alleges that Apple knew updating an iPhone 3G would cause problems.

The San Diego woman who filed the suit is hoping to have it elevated to class action status, which would mean that a large number of plaintiffs (i.e. all 3G users who updated to iOS 4) are eligible to potentially benefit from the case.

Find out more about the lawsuit after the break.

According to the complaint:

"Even though Apple has actual knowledge of thousands of complaints from iPhone 3G/3GS consumers, Apple does not allow for those same users/consumers of third generation devices to download and re-install earlier and optimized iOS3.x operating system without resorting to 'hacker' tactics that will void Apple warranties and violate iPhone user agreements."

The plaintiff goes on to say that Apple's intentions were malicious because they essentially forced 3G users who ran the update to purchase a new phone. There's no mention of the latest iOS update, which attempted to fix most major issues caused by updating an iPhone 3G.

refinedharmony refinedharmony 6 years
I would 100% be in for the class action lawsuit. My phone is so slow these days. On various "staple" applications - Mail, Text, Calendar- it will take upwards of 60-90 seconds just to load the app. The worse one, by far, is Maps. It literally took me 15 full minutes to load the app, search for the appropriate location, route to location from current location, and start the first direction. This is with full 3G connection. I used to be able to use my phone as a very helpful GPS but it is SO. SLOOOW. I hate it. I double-hard reset a few times a week which somewhat helps, but it shouldn't be necessary.
bethinabox bethinabox 6 years
I ran iOS4 on my 3G for a few months and never had a problem... Of course I did end up getting the iPhone 4, but that had nothing to do with my phone being slow or anything. :P
shoegirl365 shoegirl365 6 years
So my 3G has become worse than the caveman phone I had for sometime (between phone contracts). My earpiece has stopped working... only time I can actually hear someone is if I have the phone on speaker or have my headsets plugged in. When I am typing in an E-mail... it thinks for actually 2 minutes (i counted) before letting me start typing. Now my alarm actually starts going off 1 hour before it is scheduled for -- so a 5am wake up call turns into a 4am wake up call!!! I had taken it to the Apple store to get it fixed, the "Genius" there kept saying I don't know to all my questions, & then recommended I buy the 4G! arrgghhh crapple indeed! (you can tell I am getting frustrated :) )
AlisonMcg67 AlisonMcg67 6 years
Crapple, I like that.
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