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iPhone 4 Issues and Antenna Problems

Problems With the Brand-Spankin'-New iPhone 4

So, two things: 1. Do not drop your new iPhone 4. 2. Don't try to hold it in your left hand, either.

Most everyone's iPhone 4s are only several hours old, but already complaints, problems, and issues are being reported. The most dramatic? The photos of a shattered iPhone that had only been dropped from a distance of one foot. Since the back of the phone is made of glass, there's no "good" side for the phone to land on if it's dropped. The good news is that the glass is replaceable. The bad news? Apple stores don't have replacement parts in stock just yet, and they aren't sure when they'll be available.

The second big problem: reception. I expected to hear a ton of AT&T complaints, but so far (aside from some activation issues here and there), the big news is that holding the phone in your left hand can block the phone's antenna, causing it to drop calls — a problem that is slightly reminiscent of the issues with long-haired users and the Motorola Droid. Because of the placement of the antenna on the phone's exterior, when you hold it in your left hand, it can cause a call to drop.

And that's not all! For more, keep reading.

Both of these problems can be prevented with Apple's $29 iPhone Bumper, which protects your phone against drops and dropped calls. Or, if you're not worried about butterfingers and don't want a big plastic bumper on your shiny new iPhone, cutting a piece of screen protector to fit over the antenna area of the phone will work, too — though you won't be able to find that in an Apple store.


Finally, some users are complaining of yellow bands and spots appearing under the screen. According to Apple, this is just residue from manufacturing that will disappear soon.

New iPhone users, how are the phones holding up for you? Any issues or complaints so far?

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