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So, Is Anyone Actually Having iPhone 4 Issues?

This week, Consumer Reports announced it could not recommend the iPhone 4 due to reception problems. Consumers have a full 30 days to return the phone to Apple if you're not satisfied with it, but judging by your responses, the iPhone seems to be working just fine for you! Here's what you had to say:

  • "How come I'm the only one who has a fully-functional iPhone 4? I love it, I'll consider myself lucky... I haven't personally met anyone with problems, though I hear all about it on the Internet." — le romantique
  • "I love my new iPhone 4!!! I tried to cause the antenna problem everyone is talking about but mine doesn't do it. Even my fiancé was only able to get it to go down 1 single bar which wouldn't even cause a call to be dropped, and that was with him trying to do it. I would never ever return it." — rissy1
  • "I'm more worried about dropping and breaking it than I am of the reception!" — totonlaura
  • "I have accidentally hung up on people when trying to hold it with my ear, I thought this was just something I had to be careful of but one friend took hers back b/c of a sensor problem that was causing the keypad to turn on during calls?? I'd rather hang up on one or two people then get rid of my iPhone!" — Happsmjc

So, speak up! Have any of you been having trouble with your iPhone 4?

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