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iPhone 4 Problems

So, Is Anyone Actually Having iPhone 4 Issues?

This week, Consumer Reports announced it could not recommend the iPhone 4 due to reception problems. Consumers have a full 30 days to return the phone to Apple if you're not satisfied with it, but judging by your responses, the iPhone seems to be working just fine for you! Here's what you had to say:

  • "How come I'm the only one who has a fully-functional iPhone 4? I love it, I'll consider myself lucky... I haven't personally met anyone with problems, though I hear all about it on the Internet." — le romantique
  • "I love my new iPhone 4!!! I tried to cause the antenna problem everyone is talking about but mine doesn't do it. Even my fiancé was only able to get it to go down 1 single bar which wouldn't even cause a call to be dropped, and that was with him trying to do it. I would never ever return it." — rissy1
  • "I'm more worried about dropping and breaking it than I am of the reception!" — totonlaura
  • "I have accidentally hung up on people when trying to hold it with my ear, I thought this was just something I had to be careful of but one friend took hers back b/c of a sensor problem that was causing the keypad to turn on during calls?? I'd rather hang up on one or two people then get rid of my iPhone!" — Happsmjc

So, speak up! Have any of you been having trouble with your iPhone 4?

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glowgal glowgal 6 years
I'm in Los Angeles as well, but I never had problems with my 3G.
serial serial 6 years
I live in San Francisco. Yes, AT&T is sh*t and I've dropped calls on my old iPhone -- but never as much as on the iPhone 4! And yes, it happened when I was apparently holding the phone "wrong." So, Apple tells me to hold it differently; I do, and then the proximity sensor starts letting me ear dial. gg Apple.
suziryder suziryder 6 years
I've had mine for about two weeks, and I haven't had any problems with the antenna. Of course, I put a case on it right away - but even without an alleged antenna problem, I would have bought a case. I'm a klutz! So it didn't make a difference to me. I love my iPhone 4! I upgrade from a 3G and it's pure awesome.
Akasha Akasha 6 years
I live in Los Angeles, and between the dropped calls, the faulty proximity senor that will activate the screen while on the phone either hanging up my calls, or pushing buttons when my cheek touches it I'm very close to being over it. I have hung up over 60% of the calls I have made while holding the phone. Yes, I do have the case. But the problem isn't just the way I'm holding it, as I use it with the integrated blue tooth in my car and I drop calls there too.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
I asked my mom today what the problem was and she also said too many dropped calls during important work related calls. Scorpstar - as for the location both of the people i know who experienced dropped calls live in the los angeles area and never had the problem with their previous phones.
scorpstar77 scorpstar77 6 years
I'd love to know where folks are who are having issues. Does anyone mind posting their general location? I'm in central Virginia, and I have not had a single problem, not one. I tried my damnedest to recreate the antenna/death grip problem to no avail. I put a case on it to protect it, but I took the case off to try to make the antenna problem happen - no dice, still full signal and no call droppage. Maybe faulty iPhones were shipped to certain locations? Or maybe part of the issue is already overcrowded networks?
steen steen 6 years
The first day I had it, the day before official launch, I had ONE call dropped. I bought a case the next day and haven't had any problems since! It's been great. :D
glowgal glowgal 6 years
I just initiated my iPhone 4 return this afternoon. As a device, I love, love, love it. Love the camera, love the display. As a phone, it sucks. I've had my bumper for two weeks, but it hasn't gotten any better. I drop calls all the time and had better reception on my 3G. So I'm boxing it up and going back to my 3G tonight. I feel like I got burned for being an early adopter. But I still love you, Apple!
serial serial 6 years
MichelleS20, I'm going to assume that you were using some sort of hands free device while making that call on your daily commute. (Otherwise, shame on you!) If you weren't holding your phone, you wouldn't have experienced the iPhone's antenna issue. The problem arises when you are holding your phone in a way that blocks/covers the iPhone's antenna -- that gap on the bottom left of the metal frame. Unfortunately, for many people, holding the iPhone in what should be a natural way will inadvertently cover that area, leading to loss of signal.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
Both my mom and my best friend returned their iphone 4. I'm not sure what the problem was with my moms phone but my best friend kept getting calls dropped.
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