We've been chasing our own tails when it comes to the actual launch date of the next iPhone, but a new report by 9 to 5 Mac says they're pretty darn sure the iPhone 5 will go on sale on Oct. 7 with a Sept. 30 announcement date.

While these details are by no means confirmed, it does seem to fit other rumors we've been hearing since early Summer. It goes without saying that a new iPhone is a big event worldwide with lines starting days, even weeks, before the street date. So if you're planning on camping out for the next-generation iPhone, be sure to plan ahead and consider these tips before heading out to your local Apple store.

  • Do some recon — Scope out your local Apple store, AT&T retailer, or other launch-day location and use Google Maps to pick out a prime spot, preferably with shade and/or overhead coverage.
  • Put your vacation request in now — Beat your iPhone-loving co-workers to the punch and request a few days off in October now. Historically, iPhone launches have taken place on Thursdays or Fridays, so secure both days just in case.
  • Know when to arrive — Apple stores generally tend to open at 7 a.m. on launch days, while AT&T has also been known to open its doors early to greet tired Apple fanatics.
  • Bring some reading material — Load up your ereader with some books you've been meaning to tackle — you'll be in line for a while!
  • Hire a sitter — If you can't stand the idea of sitting all night (or for multiple nights) waiting for an iPhone, hire a line sitter to do the dirty work for you. You should see these kinds of odd jobs popping up on Craigslist soon.