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bbrat82 bbrat82 6 years
I work at an authorized at&t retailer and we sell the Iphone. I have learned that don't believe everything you hear or read about Apple and there launch dates or details of products to be launching. How many years did we keep hearing that the Iphone was moving to another carrier? Or how about earlier this year how there wasn't going to be an Iphone 5 and now there is and they keep changing the launch month? As far as for the early upgrade, nikki815, you usually have to have the phone for a minimum of a year before the early upgrade is available to you. Also, for those wanting to get some credit for their practically new Iphone 4 to use toward the purchase of an Iphone 5 (whenever it does come out), check out the major retailers that sell the Iphone for at&t or verizon. And I dont mean the corporate stores. I'm talking about places like Radio Shack or Best Buy. They offer trade in programs where they offer you credit from your old phone to use towards the purchase of a new one. My friend traded in her 3gs to an Iphone4 at Radio Shack and ended up shelling out only $5 (not including the purchase of accessories of course) for the IPhone 4. Her 3gs was in pretty much mint condition too so im sure that helped.
nikki815 nikki815 6 years
I need advice from iphone/att customers... I am going to be making the switch from sprint/BB soon, but I am unclear about the early upgrade idea. I've heard that just about anything short of finishing the full 2 yr contract makes you eligible for early upgrade pricing, is that correct? I would be fine with paying the extra $200 premium, but I just want to make sure that is the policy before getting stuck with an iphone 4 for the next 2 years...esp since there are so many rumors about the iphone 6 coming out next year. Not to jump ahead too far, but there is the thought that with next year being the 5th year of the iphone a complete redesign is in the works and that's why they aren't making huge changes for the iphone 5. Thanks
SweetAnomaly SweetAnomaly 6 years
Just a thought... I think that the post where it says it *might* be released in June should be removed since now it's more likely that it will be released in the Fall which basically contradicts the June date. Just saying!! Happy Friday :D
thehoneybunnie thehoneybunnie 6 years
Oh, and I forgot to add, thanks for the heads up :-D
thehoneybunnie thehoneybunnie 6 years
"It seems like it was just last month" is an expression, like "it seems like it was just yesterday..."
EricaJane EricaJane 6 years
it wasn't last month, it was this summer. iphones come out every summer.
thehoneybunnie thehoneybunnie 6 years
It seems like it was just last month that Apple came out with the iPhone 4. It would be nice if existing owners could turn in their practically new old phones for a credit towards their new phone. While I like to keep up with technology, I pretty much gave up with buying the latest and greatest. In fact, I wrote an article of why/how I gave up my cell at
Kristy-Ellington Kristy-Ellington 6 years
Nothing is ever official before launch with Apple!
Schmange Schmange 6 years
So.... nothing
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