Hold onto your hats, and try to think of complaints you've had about the iPhone in the past, because Apple has done their darnedest to correct all of them. Gizmodo's live coverage in Cupertino, CA, this morning revealed the features of the iPhone's 3.0 OS update, which include:

  • Copy/Paste: Finally! You'll be able to double-tap text to get the option of cutting, copying, and pasting (which also applies to images).
  • Multimedia messaging (MMS): You'll be able to text and receive texts with images and sound (also, finally).
  • Landscape Messaging: You can use the keyboard in landscape mode for the eMail and Notes apps.
  • Spotlight: One of my favorite features of Macs, the iPhone will have Spotlight for you to search all the information stored on your iPhone.

To hear about other new features, and to find out when 3.0 will be released, just


The other big features revealed today include support for other calendar types, a voice memo app by Apple, and the ability to send and receive files. In addition, Apple is adding APIs so that third-party developers can shoot for the stars with new apps, including the ability for your iPhone to do peer-to-peer WiFi connectivity with another iPhone and turn-by-turn directions.

Also being beefed up is the App store, which will feature subscriptions to apps, and the ability to purchase new levels for games and additional content for apps you already own.

So when is all this available? Apple says the update is coming sometime this Summer, and it'll be free for iPhone 3G owners, $10 for Touch owners, and free for first generation iPhone users, who'll get most but not all the features.

Oh, and if you're still upset about the high price of the iPhone service: Word on the street is that that may also drop, due to competition with the Palm Pre.