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Would You Believe These Incredible Photos Were Taken on a Phone?

Jun 10 2014 - 1:44pm

Even with all the iPhone photography tips [1] and apps out there [2], it's still impressive when you see a stunning shot taken on a phone instead of a DSLR. Case in point: this year's winners of the annual iPhone Photography Awards. Ahead, check out all the winners [3] of the 17 categories like architecture and animals (and see the runner-up photos here [4]). Entries came from iPhone photographers from more than 70 countries like Germany and South Africa — and some are even better than you'd imagine.

Source: Yilang Peng [5]

1st Place Photographer of the Year: Julio Lucas

Source: Julio Lucas [6]

2nd Place Photographer of the Year: Jose Luis Fernandez Barcia

Source: Flickr user joseluisbarcia [7]

3rd Place Photographer of the Year: Jill Missner

Source: Instagram user jilzpics [8]

1st Place Animals: Michael O'Neil

Source: Michael O'Neil [9]

1st Place Architecture: Yilang Peng

Source: Yilang Peng [10]

1st Place Children: Danny Van Vuuren

Source: Instagram user wickywow [11]

1st Place Flowers: Jenny Anderson

Source: Instagram user miso_soup00 [12]

1st Place Food: Alexa Seidl

Source: West Coast Lens [13]

1st Place Landscape: Elena Grimailo

Source: IPP Awards [14]

1st Place Lifestyle: Brandon Kidwell

Source: Brandon Kidwell [15]

1st Place Nature: Felicia Pandola

Source: IPP Awards [16]

1st Place News/Events: Gerard Collett

Source: Flickr user Gerard Collett [17]

1st Place Others: Terry Vital

Source: Terry Vital [18]

1st Place Panorama: Kyle G. Horst

Source: Flickr user kyleghorst [19]

1st Place People: Lauren Smith

Source: Instagram user midgeco99 [20]

1st Place Seasons: Coco Liu

Source: VSCO user cocu [21]

1st Place Still Life: Sofija Torebo Strindlund

Source: Sofija Torebo Strindlund [22]

1st Place Sunset: Little Su

Source: Flickr user little149 [23]

1st Place Travel: Adrienne Pitts

Source: Adrienne Pitts [24]

1st Place Trees: Aaron Pike

Source: Instagram user runtographer [25]

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