Wondering what proud iPhone owners did after they scored their tiny black box? While most of them ran home to play with their new treasure, there were quite a few people who immediately posted ads online, trying to make a few extra bucks off their new purchases. We all expected some of the people who waited in the grueling two day lines in front of the Apple Stores were going to resell the phones, but it was hard to say how much they would cash in for. CrunchGear spotted ads on Craigslist yesterday where people were asking for $1,500 and $1,110 for an 8GB model - that's over $400 the original sales ticket price. As you can see below from more ads, this is getting completely out of control! Rumor has it that Apple is striving to replenish iPhone stock in most stores across the country to meet supply and demand. Which basically means that most of these hopeful sellers may be outta luck in attempting to make a small fortune off these popular gadgets. I went in to the Apple store near my house yesterday morning out of pure curiosity and while they were out of stock, they said they were expecting two shipments and I could come back in a few hours. Sounds a lot less expensive than a $400 markup!