As much as I alternately love and loathe new reality shows, I didn't want to get into MTV's The Paper. But after one episode, I was powerless — not only is the show itself well-produced, edited, and so entertaining, I can't help but empathize with the newspaper geeks because I was one in high school too!

But, times are no longer like my high school days — the MTV class has a room full of eMacs, and the students have the hottest phones. Plucky yet beleaguered editor-in-chief Amanda Lorber started the school year with a nose job and a new iPhone (and my heart broke a little for her when her date texted his way out of Homecoming).

It warms my old journalism heart to see the kids sitting at their monitors, slaving over stories, and wordsmithing their ways to their future. I just know these nerds are going to be my future colleagues, so keep on geekin' on, Paper kids!

Photos courtesy of MTV