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iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle For Runners

6 Reasons Runners Will Love the New iPods

This week's announcement of new iPods piqued my interest not only as a lover of shiny, new toys, but also as a runner. The two smallest versions, the new iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, are even more perfect for running (and other exercises). Here's why:

  • The new Nano is tiny. — At just over 1 1/2 inches wide and just under 1 1/2 inches high, the new Nano is considerably smaller than the previous version — it's almost half the size! And it also weighs half as much as the previous version.
  • The Shuffle's buttons are back. — The most recent version of the Shuffle was, in my opinion, a runner's nightmare. The design was sleek, but there were no buttons on the device itself, making it incredibly difficult to use with any other headphones other than the ones that came with the device. Now, the same familiar circular set of buttons have made a comeback.

There are more reasons to love 'em! Check out the rest after the break.

  • No more armbands! — Both the Nano and Shuffle come with clips to easily attach it to your shirt or shorts.

  • The Nano has fitness tools built right in. — There's a pedometer on the Nano that will keep track of your steps, and it's configured to work with your Nike+, too. Plus, there's an easy-to-use stopwatch function perfect for training.
  • Your Shuffle talks to you. — This feature debuted in the last Shuffle generation, but without buttons, I couldn't use it to exercise. If you enable the function, your Shuffle will tell you the title and artist of any song you're listening to and remind you when it's time for a charge.
  • Genius Playlists keep you moving. — There's nothing worse than getting stuck in a music rut during a long run, and now Genius Playlists are enabled for the Nano and Shuffle. If you can't create the perfect playlist, let iTunes create one for you based on some of your favorite high-energy music.

Honestly, I'm hoping to pick up one of each — a Nano to use for long runs and bike rides and a Shuffle to stash in my gym bag.

ginnybee ginnybee 5 years
Quick, does the new Nano make it easy to change songs while you're running if you don't want to hear a song as it comes on. The Shuffle allows for you to effortlessly press a button without stopping your run and without even looking at the device. Is it this easy with the Nano, or do you have to activate the screen, toggle thru to your desired icon like on the IPod? Looking for quick answer as today is shopping day!!
meowhubbs meowhubbs 6 years
OMG the new nanos are so cute! I'm so excited they work with Nike+ now and I can't wait to buy a pink one!!
jueycruiser jueycruiser 7 years
Seriously? I've had one of these: for like two years now. The clip is not a new idea, plus it was only like $30. Apple rips people off
frumpydarling frumpydarling 7 years
The new iPod nano is perfect for the gym - no fussing about with the armbands or anything! I can't wait to get my hands on one. The fm radio will be great when I get sick of my own music collection!
TammyO TammyO 7 years
This new version sounds great, but for now I'm going to just stick to running with my iPhone (the phone fits nicely on my arm with an armband and is really comfortable to run with), which is very important when I go for runs during the day when my kids are in school.. you never know when you get a call from a teacher or a school nurse!
runningesq runningesq 7 years
The new ones look JUST LIKE the shuffles from last generation ! (
runningesq runningesq 7 years
I HATE that the current shuffle doesn't have buttons for volume or to flip through songs. I think it's a horrible design flaw. I loved my old shuffle -- the square one -- but it had an unfortunate accident with a water bottle. And heads up, Fit -- you shouldn't wear headphones while biking. It's dangerous !
MindayH MindayH 7 years
Too bad I already swore off iPods for running, 5 in 3 years (3 in the past year.) I think that they are designed for commuters, not athletes. Until they come out with one that is has "sport" attached to the name, I am not buying in.
mooglepocket mooglepocket 7 years
totally agree, the new nano will replace both my 1st gen nano + nike plus adaptor for running, and my shuffle for at the gym.
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