Pod a Porter iPod Shuffle Neckband Is All Kinds of Cool

Although I have an iPhone that holds (almost) all of my tunes, I frequently bust out my iPod Shuffle for long runs in the park. I like the Shuffle because it's light and compact, and keeps me guessing on which song will queue up next. And even though I'm a fan of the clip that my Shuffle is outfitted with, I can't help but lust over this totally unique neckband. The Pod a Porter Neckband ($27) was made exclusively for your trusty iPod Shuffle — the Shuffle fits right into the neckband, which has an included set of headphones for an all-in-one packaged unit that goes with you during your workouts, shopping solo downtown, or on the bus during your commute.

This band could totally pass for a sleek and futuristic necklace and comes in five different colors to match the current 2010 iPod Shuffle colors.

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