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iPod Video Goggles: Love It Or Leave It?

Given the actual look of these iPod Video Goggles, this would probably make a legitimate Totally Geeky or Geek Chic poll, but I'm actually wondering if anyone would actually use/love these. I mean, we already know they're pretty darn geeky, but will anyone go on record and affirm they would use them?

The video goggles plug directly into your video iPod and project a virtual 24-inch TV directly. They draw power directly from your iPod (that means there aren't any added wires), but they cost $199, which is a high price to pay for something that looks like the disposable 3D glasses you wear at Disneyland's Back to the Future ride.

Yes, you could watch your guilty pleasure shows without anyone knowing, but you'd still get the reputation as the person that sits around absorbing life through video goggles. It's your choice: Love it or Leave it?

Join The Conversation
The-Italian-Jem The-Italian-Jem 9 years
The Back to the Future ride is at Universal Studios, not Disneyland!
jdots24 jdots24 9 years
neat idea, but very clunky attempts
koolbr33z3 koolbr33z3 9 years
pandamonkey22 pandamonkey22 9 years
it's cool in a totally geeky way i think if i had an iPod video and $200 to spear i would get them.
threeamsecret threeamsecret 9 years
This was my friend's product for his last marketing class. He loves them more than life. And of course, once they catch on the price will drop. As pleeg said, they were 249....
alillee alillee 9 years
leave it.
Leopardcc Leopardcc 9 years
strange....but I still want to see how it looks when you look into it.
pleeg pleeg 9 years
nitronat: They definitely don't fit over glasses :( colormesticky: I'm using an older model that has its own battery pack. When used with a 5G iPod video (60GB), the iPod plays for ~5-6 hours. If this model uses the iPod's power, it's sure to suck it dry quickly...
colormesticky colormesticky 9 years
They sound great (even though they look ridiculous), but how hard are they on your battery? It'd be great if you can't sleep on a flight, unless your iPod dies halfway through whatever you're watching.
m-m-m m-m-m 9 years
Its so... EXPENSIVE. Otherwise I'd be on this. imagine in an airport or in the air. A long train ride? Stuck in the back of your aunt's van driving to Canada. Uh, Doctor's waiting room anyone? No one will even bat an eye to how stupid you look, they'll just assume its part of your treatment or disorder!! Perfect.
horcruxes horcruxes 9 years
leave it. looks like something from star trek :(
sugar-and-spice sugar-and-spice 9 years
haven't tried it yet - for me it's a vote for Leave it. seems like it's a headache waiting to happen. but i might be wrong. :)
LadyLibertine LadyLibertine 9 years
Love It
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
Leave it
nitronat nitronat 9 years
I don't think they'd fit over glasses.... And if I were to use them on a long airplane flight I would be wearing my glasses trying to sleep. And well if they do fit over glasses then....hmm, just not sure about that look. Even for me who wears safety goggles over her glasses in inorganic chem lab...but it's lab... They're kind of sleek for what they are though. A lot sleeker than safety goggles at least. I think they're cool. Expensive though and for one who doesn't travel all that not worth it.
Jane26 Jane26 9 years
i saw these on apple's website and i would totally love them!! the price tag is a bit steep, but when you consider that a nice portable dvd player is around the same price, its not too bad.
pleeg pleeg 9 years
I've been carrying these glasses for just over 2 years. They're fantastic and worth every penny (they were $279 when I got them). Perfect for any airplane flight longer than an hour or so, even though they make you look like Geordi La Forge...
inthewrong inthewrong 9 years
These would be totally awesome on long haul domestic or international flights. Completely forget that you're on a plane!
stefrose stefrose 9 years
Cool but wayy too expensive.
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