Apple's Taking A New Step to Strengthen iCloud Security

By now, you've probably heard how nude photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence spread across the web after hackers broke into their phones and accounts. While many people blamed Apple's iCloud, the company released a statement saying it had conducted an investigation and found the breach was not because of any security vulnerability on its end. Still, people questioned whether iCloud's security could have been stronger, and Apple is saying it's taking extra steps to strengthen privacy measures.

In a new interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple would implement alerts about activities that could be signs of a break-in. Within two weeks, Apple will send emails and push notifications to users when someone tries to:

  • Change the password for an iCloud account
  • Upload backed-up account data to a new device
  • Log into accounts for the first time from an unknown device

Before, Apple customers would get notifications only after someone changed a password or logged in from a new device.