Kirsten Dunst Hilariously Makes Fun of Selfies

Looks like there's a new addition to the list of annoying types of selfies: the celebrity selfie.

In a hilarious short film for Vs. Magazine, Kirsten Dunst makes fun of how all fans want to do when they see their favorite stars is take selfies. The piece — called "Aspirational" — shows the actress on the corner waiting for a ride when a couple of fangirls drive by and get out of the car when they recognize her. They don't say anything, though, and just take turns snapping selfies with the star.

"Do you want to talk or anything?" Dunst asks them while they post the photos to Instagram. "You can ask me a question, or are you curious about anything?" The only thing they manage to say is "Can you tag me?", proving they're more interested in "likes" than a real conversation. Her reaction is the saddest/best part of the whole thing.

Directed by Matthew Frost, "Aspirational" reminds us of another short film he made starring Jessica Chastain and a smartphone-addicted fan:

Selfies: they're the new autographs. Only ruder.