Kylo Ren Watching the Rogue One Trailer Is What Star Wars Dreams Are Made Of

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Any Star Wars fan knows that Kylo Ren is a pretty insufferable character. He's filled with angst, obsesses over Darth Vader, and doesn't exactly have a good relationship with his father. It's why he's become the perfect character to parody — whether it's on Saturday Night Live or in a new video showing Kylo Ren "reacting" to the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer.

Created by the Auralnauts, a duo that creates a lot of funny videos on YouTube, the video hilariously captures what Kylo would definitely think about the trailer. He provides commentary all throughout the trailer, like trying to enunciate Bothans, and even nicknames the character Chirrut Imwe as "magic stick man." Watch it above and just try to stop yourself from laughing.