These Gorgeous GIFs of the Sun Are More Insane Than You Could Imagine

You thought your Blu-ray player at home was good? NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) released 30 minutes of what's called thermonuclear art (aka mind-blowing footage of the sun). It's eight times the resolution of HD! NASA has shared incredible planetary images before, but we've never seen the sun active like this. SDO monitors the sun 24/7 and captures the star in 10 wavelengths of invisible UV light every 12 seconds. Each wavelength is shown in a different color to highlight its various temperatures. The result: vortex-like, out-of-this-world (but, literally) footage that looks like it was straight from a sci-fi movie. It takes a team of specialists about 10 hours just to create one minute of this ultra-HD 4K video. Wow.

See GIFs of videos above and then check out the full footage here.

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