Don't Watch Interstellar Without Reading Neil deGrasse Tyson's Science Review

Interstellar is an epic, mind-twisting sci-fi movie whose plot is full of wild, futuristic ideas. It's about a bleak future where corn is the only surviving crop, where humans can enter other galaxies via wormholes, where Matthew McConaughey is both a farmer and former NASA test pilot (dreamy much?), and where supermassive black holes can cause ocean tidal waves many times the height of Mount Everest. And yet Neil deGrasse Tyson, the Internet's favorite astrophysicist, says that the science of the latest space-bound blockbuster totally checks out. His Twitter review was surprisingly positive!

This is especially unexpected, since Neil fact-checked Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock, and found many egregious errors in the film's science (namely concerning the principles of gravity, ironically). Take a look at Neil's thoughts on Interstellar below, and let us know: do you agree?

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