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New 13.0 Emoji Arriving in 2020

The Complete List of All 117 Emoji Hitting Keyboards Later This Year

New 13.0 Emoji Arriving in 2020
Image Source: Emojipedia

The start of a new year brings with it resolutions, aspirations, and, yes, emoji. Following the over 300 emoji introduced last year, Unicode just unveiled its list of 117 emoji hitting keyboards in 2020. Now, you might be wondering how many objects and animals are even left, but you'd be surprised.

The new release includes a smiling face with a tear, two people hugging, and the already popular pinched fingers emoji, colloquially referred to as an "Italian hand gesture." In the animal kingdom, a black cat, beaver, seal, and a few different insects are getting their representation. For foodies, there'll be an olive, tamale, and flatbread emoji, but we have a feeling the shady teapot will get a lot of action.

In its continued push for gender inclusivity, Unicode will also release a woman in a tuxedo, a man in a veil, a man feeding a baby, and gender-neutral options for each. The Transgender Pride Flag is also a new addition. Get a closer look at each emoji arriving later this year ahead.

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