Women Will Actually Look Like They Have Jobs Thanks to These New Emoji

Update: Say hello to the new working women emoji! The Unicode Consortium approved 11 new emoji — with female, male, and different skin-tone options. They also approved adding the male and female versions to 33 emoji we already see and use, like the runner or emoji getting a haircut. Take a look at the new emoji below.


We can't wait to use them and are glad that Google continued to work on making these emoji happen. To learn more about how these emoji came about, read our original story below.

Original story: We're constantly thinking about all the different emoji we want to exist, like a dinosaur or dumpling. And while new emoji arrive every year, women are tired of seeing a new potato emoji but nothing that actually reflects who we are. Google wants to change that, which is why the company is proposing 13 new emoji to better represent women.

The proposal, which was created by four Google employees, was submitted to the Unicode Consortium and details the 13 new emoji. Each of the new emoji depicts a working woman in different types of work, like as a businesswoman or doctor. Why did Google do this? The answer is simple: Google thinks it's about time women have these type of emoji, especially considering young women are the "heaviest emoji users." As women enter the spotlight more and demand equality, emoji should also reflect that and catch up with the times instead of getting stuck behind. The PDF document of the proposal also cites numerous articles and campaigns that have called for better representation of women in emoji.

The Google employees carefully selected the professions for the new emoji women. First, they looked at data from job sectors, which types of jobs are growing in popularity, and what is being talked about the most in the media and culture — most notably, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs. To arrive at their final answer, they looked at the three categories that make up the global gross domestic product (GDP): agriculture, industry, and services. From there, they chose farming for agriculture, different industry and manufacturing jobs for the industry section, and lastly "healthcare, technology, business representation, education, food service, and rockstar" for the services sector. The complete list of emoji is below.


And while they did create these emoji for women, they also included the counterpart male emoji. The proposal states its time for the Unicode Consortium to consider emoji that are absolved from gender. Like any emoji proposal, these may not make it into the final emoji release. Some can be cut or changed. But at least Google is pushing along this conversation and we can hopefully see these sooner rather than later.