Yesterday's stealthy new iPod Shuffle announcement may have come as a small surprise, but it wasn't unwelcome; it seemed time to update the lightest, cheapest iPod.

While there are definite pluses (the low price, the 4GB storage, the new voice-over technology) you guys, I, and the Internet in general are in an uproar over the controls being in the earbuds.

Break 'em or lose 'em, you've got to get a new set of the earbuds if you want to use the iPod. Third party headphones? Sure, you can use them, but not without an adapter — which Apple will make, but that's another thing to buy.

I'm torn; aesthetically, the device does look very nice blank, but it seems a little irritating to have to either use (or harder for me, not lose) the earbuds the Shuffle comes with, or pay extra for something different.

What do you think?