Why Everyone's Making Hilarious Memes Out of This NFL Catch

Catch it like Beckham? During yesterday's Sunday Night Football program, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made what some are calling "the greatest catch" ever, against the Dallas Cowboys.

Take a look:

Of course, the Internet had to make memes out of the spectacle, just like it did with Tim Howard during the World Cup. Here are some of our favorites.

Odell Beckham NASA Frog Meme please share pic.twitter.com/VTiUDHf1qc

— Michael and 9 others (@KatzM) November 24, 2014

#BreakTheInternet Odell Beckham Jr pic.twitter.com/guCVTkC9dR

— Marcus (@MarcusYaldo) November 24, 2014

Best one yet... #BreakTheInternet #OdellBeckham pic.twitter.com/Srp7ce8KNv

— Gary Cooper (@MrGaryCooper) November 24, 2014


— Ryan Nanni (@celebrityhottub) November 24, 2014

Nobody puts Beckham in a corner: http://t.co/YRElpGfj66 pic.twitter.com/hPl6Rb1Gmv

— KorkedBats.com (@korkedbats) November 24, 2014

#ThingsOdellCouldCatch the one ring. "One does not simply walk into Mordor and try pass interference, biatch" #LOTR pic.twitter.com/7AEEWzme7K

— Scott Watson (@scottymwatson) November 24, 2014

Odell Beckham Jr. last night: pic.twitter.com/NocF9pSmNE

— SportsNation (@SportsNation) November 24, 2014