OMG: You Can Now Study at a Real-Life Hogwarts

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Very important update: The wizard school we first told you about is hosting three sessions in November, two of which are already sold out. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the LARPing group was able to raise over 300 percent of their financial goal for the school courses. Now they want to raise even more to eventually buy their own Polish castle and host the ultimate school of dreams.

Original story:
What happens when you don't get into Hogwarts? You re-create your own version, of course. In the video above, some Polish live-action role players invented their own College of Wizardry, and it's amazing.

This is no joke, either! The real-life learning experience, complete with professors, is actually at the Czocha Castle in Poland. The first session took place over four days in November, and the next one will happen in April for around $345.

See you there?

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