The Internet Has Some Fun With the New Star Wars Title

Not only did Star Wars: Episode VII wrap principal photography this week, but the movie's title was also released today — Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After three questionable prequels, fans are pretty anxious to see how the upcoming addition to the Star Wars saga will fare. So when news as revealing as a film title is made public, the fans make their voices heard. No one outside of the cast and crew know what this title means, but fans are airing their #rejectedstarwarstitles jokes and "thank-god-there's-no-Jar-Jar" shouts of relief on Twitter.

Star Wars VII: The Search for More Money #rejectedstarwarstitles

— TrivWorks (@TrivWorks) November 6, 2014

.@Atheistican @FormerTheist and the sequel "The Taste of JarJar" #rejectedstarwarstitles

— Chrisanthrope (@2ManyOfUs) November 6, 2014

Game of Clones #rejectedstarwarstitles

— Tyrion Lannister (@GoT_Tyrion) November 6, 2014

Now Lucas Free! #RejectedStarWarsTitles

— Arvaus (@Arvaus) November 6, 2014

And if you think the Star Wars: Episode VII title sounds just a little too much like normal, non-Jedi life, you're not alone.

6am The Force Awakens 6:30am The Force Brushes Its Teeth 7am The Force Has A Coffee 7:30am The Force Has A Shower 8am The Force Goes To Work

— ℒℴѵℯ Obi Juan (@Sk8inJuan) November 6, 2014

The Force Awakens with a hangover, realizes it got drunk last night and made bad prequels, then calls friends to apologize for behavior.

— Sean Kent (@seankent) November 6, 2014

When was the force sleeping? #StarWars #StarWarsEpisodeVII

— Matt Ex Machina (@ZestyPro) November 6, 2014