Roku TV Is Here, and It Promises to Make Your Life Easier

If you own the Internet and audio streaming player Roku, or know someone who does, you know it as great alternative to cable TV. But now the home media experience gets streamlined as the company announced a forthcoming Roku TV at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Billed as "a simple and powerful entertainment experience" with many of the same features that make Roku so popular, the new TV is a hub for all of your favorite content services — Netflix , Pandora, and YouTube included. Complicated menus? Unnecessary settings? You'll get none of that here. Another major bonus is that it takes away the need for an extra gadget or box in the living room.

A few more details we know so far: just like its namesake streaming player, Roku TV will allow access to the Roku channel store (with more than 31,000 movies and 1,200 channels) and will feature 20 remote-controlled buttons, about half the number of traditional TVs. Plus, you can access Roku TV through the Android or iOS Roku app .

The future TV models will range from 32 to 55 inches and will be available in major retail stores starting in the Fall. That leaves another nine months or so of waiting, but who's counting?

Source: Roku