Whoa, This Harry Potter Theory Will Change Your Entire Perspective on Slytherins

Few people admit to liking Salazar Slytherin, but that might change with a new theory floating around.

In the Harry Potter series, Salazar Slytherin is portrayed as one of the Hogwarts founders who was extremely anti-muggleborns. But Tumblr user maglet-301 challenges that by pointing out a section in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that states how he wanted to build Hogwarts away from anyone who might compromise the safety of it. See below.

It doesn't end there. Tumblr user datvikingtho then chimed in with a comment that explained Slytherin was most likely wary of muggleborns because Hogwarts was founded during an era of witch-hunts. The other founders were also concerned but had their own reasons as to why they wanted muggleborns. For example, as datvikingtho explains, Ravenclaw wanted to bring both purebloods and muggleborns together to share magic with more people. But Slytherin, rightfully so, was afraid to follow suit. He didn't necessarily want to risk the lives of anyone by inviting someone who might be a potential spy or something worse.

Then it gets even crazier. The same user also delves into why the Chamber of Secrets was created. He or she thinks it was formed by Slytherin to protect students in case there was an attack. The basilisk could then easily get rid of whoever was trying to hurt the students.

Read the entire theory below. The origins of these two posts date back to nine months ago, but a Reddit thread is finally helping others see this new side of Slytherin. It might actually change the way you completely think about everyone from Slytherin house.