These Pics Prove Why Selena Gomez Just Became the Most Followed Person on Instagram

The heart wants what it wants . . . and apparently the hearts of nearly 70 million people want exactly what Selena Gomez is giving social media right now. Her Instagram followers have swelled to a whopping 89.3 million people, knocking BFF Taylor Swift out of the top spot. The two are closely followed in the ranks by Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, and the Biebs.

One glance at Selena's photos will make it pretty clear why people can't resist her feed; she captures countless celebrity encounters and intimate hangout sessions (Brad Pitt and Paul Rudd among the recent sexy stars/vampires with whom she's rubbed elbows). Her fashion game is so very strong, and her throwback photos (lest we forget she was once on Barney) are EVERYTHING. It probably doesn't hurt that her sexy selfies are literal fire. Check out some of her best snaps to see why she is reigning Queen of Instagram.