Hacking Isn't Your Only #SnapchatProblem

Sending selfies got a little more complicated when hackers recently collected the usernames and phone numbers of more than four million Snapchat users. But as it turns out, hacking isn't the only problem facing the photo messaging app. On a more serious note, can't Snapchat come up with a "Snap All" button already? At least that's what some Twitter users think. Here, we bring you the best of the hashtag #Snapchatproblems. Have a look, and get ready for some laughs (before you check to see if you were hacked, of course).

Let's Get This One Out of the Way

OK, Now For the Funny Stuff . . .

There's that one friend whose snapchats you have to look at when no one's watching just in case they're inappropriate. #SnapchatProblems

— Snapchat Problems (@SnapchatProbbz) September 27, 2013

So Annoying

Never ever know whether snapchats are to only me or everyone #snapchatproblems

— Cassie McNeill (@CassieMcNeill) December 30, 2013

Oh, It's Exactly What She Thinks

'Maddie are you in the bath' 'yeh mum why' 'why can I hear you taking photos' 'it's not what you think' #snapchatproblems

— maddiedutfield (@maddiedutfield) June 12, 2013


I hate when I'm snap chatting and I ask a question then 1hr later they reply and I for got the question #SnapchatProblems

— The Ben Cotton (@clutchcotton_35) January 3, 2014

Which Color Should I Pick?

Having to finish your sentence by painting it #SnapchatProblems

— (@COCAlNE) May 12, 2013


Being called beautiful over snapchat is the highest of praise because that's when you look your ugliest. #SnapchatProblems

— Snapchat Problems (@SnapchatProbbz) November 29, 2013

Get It Together, Snapchat

My snapchat keeps saying I have 5 unopened snaps but when I check theres only 1. Why you makin' me feel like I'm popular? #snapchatproblems

— Kevin (@VigilKevin) October 1, 2013


When someone smiles in every snap #canyounot #SnapchatProblems

— Louis War (@arreugsiul) January 3, 2014


Hate when people open snaps and don't reply or people who just stop half way through a convo #snapchatproblems

— Ryan Horlings (@ryanhorlings) January 3, 2014

C'mon, People

People always snapchat me either when I just get out of the shower or I just wake up. #SnapchatProblems

— Snapchat Life (@SnapchatLife) January 1, 2014


When you send the wrong snapchat to another person and look stupid #guilty #snapchatproblems

— Andrew Kirima (@AndrewKirima) January 2, 2014

Could Be Dangerous

still waiting on that "snap all" button @Snapchat #snapchatproblems

— Marley Lilly (@MarleyLilly) September 5, 2013


*sends hideous snapchat* *wonders why they open it, but don't reply* #SnapchatProblems

— Snapchat Problems (@SnapchatLeakz) September 21, 2013

Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Having to draw an extra word or two that is hardly legible to finish the sentence because you ran out of room to type #SnapchatProblems

— Lenny Hackman (@LennyHackman) August 12, 2013

Act Quick

Looking around to make sure no one is watching you when you're about to take a picture #SnapchatProblems

— Austin Ekern (@AustinEkern) December 5, 2012

Not Cool

It's all fun and games until they screen shot your snap chat. #snapchatproblems #awkward

— Taylor Scott Chase (@TayScoCha) December 3, 2012


I have a bruise on my face from dropping my phone while taking a selfie #snapchatproblems

— Julia MacLean (@Doooolia) August 2, 2012


Unless you are zac efron or Megan fox, do not snap chat me for 10 seconds. I do not need to see your face for that long. #SnapchatProblems

— Snapchat Problems (@iSnapChatProbs) January 10, 2013