Taylor Swift's Favorite Meme Is Another Reason to Love Her

Most people would agree that Taylor Swift and her music are superrelatable — and now we know she's even more like us after revealing her favorite Internet meme.

No, it's not the "Deal With It" or "Success Kid" but instead the "Heavy Breathing" cat, part of a group of memes knows as descriptive noise.

Taylor's answer was part of Elle's behind-the-scenes June cover shoot video. In the short clip, Taylor also tells Elle that her favorite emoji are the surprise face and side-eye characters and that her favorite show to binge-watch is Friends.

It's not surprising that Taylor would love a cat meme, considering how much affection she shows for her own cats, Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson. Oh Taylor, we're glad you're not just keeping up with the Internet, but winning at it.