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How to Do the TikTok iPhone Photo-Editing Hack

Here's How to Do That iPhone Photo-Editing Hack That's All Over TikTok


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TikTok users are quite the trendsetters, so it's no surprise they've come up with a photo-editing technique that turns ordinary camera-roll selfies into a vibey, sun-kissed dream. All that this golden-hour hack requires are an iPhone and a selfie of your choice. From there, you'll jump into a world of adjusting vibrance, hues, saturation, and more that'll take your picture through a journey of twists and turns — but trust the process! Once it's all done, it'll easily become one of your best-edited selfies to date. TikTok user @AnauGazz's video of the hack has a whopping 13 million views so far and has inspired a slew of other users to give it a try for themselves. Psst . . . the results are good every. single. time.

How to Do the TikTok iPhone Photo-Editing Hack

  • Set exposure and brilliance to 100 (optional).
  • Set highlights to -35.
  • Set shadows to -28.
  • Set contrast to -30.
  • Set brightness to -15.
  • Set black point to 10.
  • Set saturation to 10.
  • Set vibrance to 8.
  • Set warmth to 10.
  • Set tint to 39.
  • Set sharpness to 14.
  • Set vignette to 23.
  • Set brilliance and exposure to 0 (only if you did the first step).

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♬ original sound - poussy fire🔥 - D
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