The Best City For Catching Pokémon, Straight From Globetrotting Pop Star Troye Sivan

When the world's most popular mobile game rewards you for traveling, being a pop star on tour has its perks. For musician, social media icon, and proud Team Valor player Troye Sivan, it means scouting the best locations for playing Pokémon Go. Of course, when POPSUGAR Entertainment writer Ryan Roschke caught up with Sivan at the Comic-Con Follow Your Tart concert, he naturally grilled the star about which city has the best Pokémon.

"New York! Yeah, I was in Manhattan and there's Pokéstops everywhere, there's like three per block. Whereas in Perth [Australia], I was playing in Perth at first, and there's like three in my suburb," answered Sivan. "I have to drive to get to them, whereas when you just go for a walk in Manhattan you can get rich." So there you have it, trainers — if you want to catch 'em all, head to the Big Pokéball Apple!

But being on an international tour as Pokémon Go takes over the world isn't all fun and games for Sivan, though. "I only went to the gym once before I like knew how to play and I got absolutely slaughtered," the YouTube-famous star confided about his first foray into the world of Pokémon between shows on his tour. "So now I haven't been back yet because I don't know how to — I feel like everyone got really good and now I'm f*cked because I'm not."

While he might have had a rough first experience at his local gym, we're sure that Sivan will learn his way around a battle; after all, that's Team Valor's way!

— Additional reporting by Ryan Roschke