The Real-Life Parent Trap: Twins Meet Through Facebook

It all started in February of last year when LA-based actress Samantha Futerman got a Facebook message that would forever change her life. The person who sent it was Anaïs Bordier, a French student living in London. Both of them had been born in South Korea before they were adopted by different families.

The message started, "Hey, My name is Anaïs, I am French and live in London. About 2 months ago, my friend was watching one of your videos with KevJumba on YouTube, and he saw you and thought that we looked really very similar . . . like . . . VERY REALLY SIMILAR. . . "

It continued, "I checked more of your videos (which are hilarious) and then came upon 'How It Feels to Be Adopted' and discovered you were adopted too."

Finally, she said, "So . . . I don't want to be too Lindsay Lohan, well . . . but . . . how to put it . . . I was wondering where you were born? I was born on the 19th of November 1987, in Busan but my papers were made at the Holt Children's Institute, so 'officially' I was born in Seoul. My Korean name is Kim Eunwha. I arrived in France the 5th March 1988, so 3 months later."

Reading the message, Samantha was in shock. After looking through Anaïs's Facebook pictures, she began noticing how much they look alike . . .

And after messaging back and forth, Samantha says she was positive Anaïs is her biological twin sister. The 24-year-olds chatted on Skype five days later.

Source: Kickstarter

After more Skype sessions and other communication, they decided to meet in person. They wanted to capture their entire journey, so they launched a Kickstarter project to fund their reunion, film their first meeting, and share DNA test results in a full-length documentary.

Just two weeks later, their project was backed, and in May 2013, Samantha and her family flew to London to meet Anaïs and her family. Since then, they've developed an incredibly close relationship, traveling to Korea together and spending birthdays and holidays with each other. They discovered they both love Harry Potter and absolutely hate cooked carrots.

The film is now in postproduction, and the girls are asking for more funding to help bring the project to life.

Looking back on what Samantha wrote for the first Kickstarter campaign, it's clear how immediate their bond was.

"Whether it is the arguably beautiful level of protection given by electronic communication, the slightly eerie — and slightly French — mirror image that comforts and calms my nerves, or the feeling of glee that I have somehow managed to re-create The Parent Trap, I have an innate unconditional love towards this stranger."

From strangers to sisters, all thanks to the power of the Internet.