Alarming Crash Video Shows Teens Distracted While Driving

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By Fox Van Allen

Ever worry what your teen is doing in the car when you're not there to monitor her driving habits? If so, a new compilation released by the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety, below, might keep you up at night. It shows a number of distracted teen drivers caught on in-vehicle event recorder cams, running off the road and colliding with other vehicles as they fiddle with their phones.

The individual clips come from driver safety company Lytx, provided to AAA for research purposes. In the associated study, the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety reviewed approximately 1,700 videos of teen crashes to analyze the reasons behind the incidents. It found that driver distraction was the result of 58 percent of all crashes, including 89 percent of incidents where the vehicle left the road and 76 percent of rear-end crashes. This information strongly contradicts data from a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that shows only 14 percent of teen crashes resulted from driver distraction.

"Access to crash videos has allowed us to better understand the moments leading up to a vehicle impact in a way that was previously impossible," explains Peter Kissinger, president and CEO of the AAA Foundation For Traffic Safety. "The in-depth analysis provides indisputable evidence that teen drivers are distracted in a much greater percentage of crashes than we previously realized."

The biggest distraction for teens in the study proved to be other passengers in the car (15 percent of incidents). Cell phone use followed closely behind as the reason for 12 percent of crashes, while looking at something in the vehicle caused 10 percent of crashes. Looking at something outside the vehicle (nine percent), singing to music (eight percent), grooming (six percent), and reaching for objects (six percent) were also cited in the study as risk factors.

The numbers behind the study are worrying enough. But what really caught our attention here at Techlicious was the terrifying raw video from the study. In it, you can see a number of teens running off the road and crashing in real-life events. You might want to take a moment to share it with your teens as a somber wake-up call to the consequences of distracted driving. No matter how important that incoming text message seems, it's definitely not worth getting into a car accident over. Keep your eyes off the phone and on the road at all times!

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