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Air Travel Pet Peeves

What Are Your Travel Pet Peeves?

As a frequent flier, I always have my liquids stored in a quart-size bag, laptop ready for inspection, and cell phone turned off before departure. I can see how occasional or first-time fliers could be oblivious to certain air travel protocol, but that doesn't excuse a lack of common courtesy. For instance, I see red and hear the sounds of fingernails running down a chalkboard when passengers push and weave through the overcrowded aisle to exit the plane. In my experience, travel etiquette says to exit the plane row by row. And if you're on the verge of missing a connection flight, you should notify a flight attendant beforehand, so she may help you get a jump before the rush. So, from the metal-ridden man holding up the security line to the crying kid in first class, I want to know what really ticks you off during your travels.

Source: Flickr User kalleboo

What Are Your Travel Pet Peeves?   originally posted on POPSUGAR Smart Living
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