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Tax-Relief Hotel Deals

"Tax Breaks": Good Deal or Just a Gimmick?

While saving for a vacation was one of my savvy refund spending suggestions, I've since stumbled upon a couple of hotels giving special packages for this month only.

There are some one-off deals to be found like Hard Rock San Diego's EFFEN Taxes plan, along with boutique chain Kimpton offering up its own "Sweet Tax Relief" to cover all the room's taxes with a bonus bag of candy — Payday, 100 Grand, and Sugar Daddy, naturally — to sweeten the deal. While I'm all for the idea of saving money, even taxes, since the deals have limited travel dates, I wouldn't want to be tempted to spend money on a vacation this month just to get a discount.

On a note closer to home, I noticed a local bar offering tax fighter drink specials and another restaurant with "Tax-Free Tuesdays" for all of April, possibly causing people to spend more money out in the end. It seems that, as the deadline rapidly approaches (Did you file yet?), it's the latest special replacing all the recession-friendly plans before that. Have you seen any tax breaks or relief deals, and would you buy in?

"Tax Breaks": Good Deal or Just a Gimmick?  originally posted on POPSUGAR Smart Living
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