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Vacation Memories

7 Easy Ways to Make Vacation Bliss Last

All good things come to an end, and that includes vacation as well. Settling back into work is hard especially when you're missing the sun and sand or whatever you immersed yourself in during your travels, but the vacation bliss doesn't have to end. It's said that people reap more benefit from multiple short vacations rather than one long one, because we derive most of the pleasure of our trip from planning. Personally, I think there are plenty of happy aftereffects as well.

I recently took a trip and am determined to make the happy travel buzz last for a good while. Here are some simple strategies I've been using:

Put Your Memories on Facebook: Upload your images and videos of the trip onto Facebook and watch the discussions begin! It's fun to see friends commenting back and forth on pictures and videos, and it'll be a constant reminder of the special moments you captured of your trip with your camera.


Buy Souvenirs: A souvenir is a physical memory of the fantastic time you had on your travels. Leave it around your house or at the office to inspire some awesome daydreams. Reader puts it best when she said, "I like to buy something nice for my home that i can display. Then when someone comments on it I can be like 'Oh, I got that in Fiji!'"

For more ways to memorialize your trip, read on.

Write Yelp reviews: If you're like me, most of what you do on your vacation is eat, eat, eat, and did I mention eat? As soon as I got home, I wrote one or two reviews on my favorite places and sent it off to friends. I love looking back at my Yelp reviews, because I often forget many details of my meal and rereading what I've written definitely jogs my memory. 

Make Recommendations to Friends: As soon as I found out a couple of friends were flying to Honolulu a few weeks later, I started writing up a list of things that I highly recommended they do. I made sure to add in what mistakes I made in my planning and how they can avoid them. I had a good time reminiscing and gushing over my favorite activities.

Forgo Caffeine: You know those bad habits you have when you're working? Some of you tend to go off them when you're off on your vacation, and I gave up my daily cup of coffee. I managed to keep my vacation buzz by skipping my morning coffee. I get the same great holiday feeling when I wake up to go to work!

Look at Pictures and Videos: You've already put your stuff up on Facebook, and now it's time to go over them! Don't worry, you can never go overboard with browsing through your holiday snapshots.

Take Hotel Freebies: Even taking a pen from the hotel you're staying in can help extend the happiness you got from your trip. Since it's an everyday use type of item, you'll get a daily reminder of where you were vacationing. This can trigger memories of waking up to fresh hotel linens and the smell of the ocean outside your window (for me at least)!

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