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The Game of Thrones Cast Answers Your Questions About Nudity and More

Jul 28 2014 - 11:25am

The impossibly good-looking cast of Game of Thrones [1] took Comic-Con International: San Diego by storm, and they brought plenty of treats for fans along with them. Not only did they show off their first blooper reel [2] and a video introduction to the show's new characters [3], but fan favorites like Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) also took fan questions about the show. Find out what it was like to film that final scene between Jon and Ygritte, how Sophie Turner feels about Sansa's evolution, and most importantly — which actor is ready to strip down for season five.

Jon + Ygritte Forever

When asked about their final scene together, both Kit Harington and Rose Leslie responded that they thought the scene was beautiful and filled with love.

Harington said, "What I wanted to capture is that he's just very happy to see her again at the heart of it. He doesn't really care in some ways if the arrow hits him and he dies — he's just happy to see her. It's a beautiful moment for him — it's quite profound."

Leslie said, "I think, for Ygritte, throughout season four, she was on a ruthless mission. And I don't think she at all anticipated how much she loved him. And I think seeing him again completely threw her. It was a very beautiful moment."

Maybe We Should Call Him Kit Hair-ington

When asked what helps get him into character to play Jon Snow, Kit Harington said the costumes help a lot, saying, "When I've had my hair dyed, and I get back into the costume and everything, I become Jon Snow. And [the help of] many, many hair products."

Brienne and The Hound's Rivalry Runs Deep

Fans were delighted to see that Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) and The Hound (Rory McCann) have delightful banter off screen as well as on. Not only did Rory jokingly call Gwendoline a "nasty bitch," but Gwendoline called punching Rory "the best moment of my life," followed by biting off his ear, which she gleefully deemed "second best."

Sansa Is the New Maleficent?

No one is more excited about Sansa Stark's season four transformation than Sophie Turner, who plays her on the show. Turner said: "When I was 13, I didn’t think, 'OK, this is where my character is gonna go, and it's gonna be like Maleficent, and it's gonna be great.' When I got the scripts for season four, it was such a relief because, for the past three seasons, she's been deceiving with the facade of her former self for so long, and it was such a relief for me to shed the skin and become this manipulator that she actually is. She finally gets to reveal herself. It was freaking awesome."

Natalie Dormer Wouldn't Mind a Little Murder

When asked if she wished her character got to kill people, Natalie Dormer said, "I was really into swords when I was in my 20s, so it was a bit frustrating to play Margaery at first. . . . But she has proved to have other weapons."

Maisie Williams Knows Her Place

Though it's highly unlikely that Arya Stark will be killed off anytime soon, Maisie Williams isn't willing to risk it. She joked, "I know that Dave [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] have killed characters that are still alive in the books, so I just suck up to David and Dan and George [R.R. Martin]."

Tyrion Lannister Is a Regular Brad Pitt

Sophie Turner is actually totally on Team Tyrion, even when it comes to Sansa's love life. When asked for her reaction on their characters' separation, she joked, "I think it’s devastating. He was my other half! We loved each other so much. You can feel the love! They really did begin to have a genuine bond and trust with each other. It was just getting kind of beautiful. And then in the spirit of Game of Thrones, they cut that off. I would like in the future for them to be reunited at some point. I think they could be a power couple, like the new Brangelina."

Take It Off, Sam Tarly!

One fan wanted to know if the actors wished there was more male nudity on the show since Kit Harington recently said, "It's only right." [4] Harington immediately backpedaled, saying he wasn't going to be saying anything that could get him into trouble, but John Bradley, who plays Sam, proudly volunteered to show some skin next season. He added, "They'll still get the boob count up, so everybody wins."

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