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39 Times You Perfectly Understood Mindy Lahiri

Jun 24 2016 - 5:00pm

If you're in need of advice, there's no better person to consult than The Mindy Project [1]'s Ms. Mindy Lahiri. Thanks to her relatable one-liners and some seriously real talk, Dr. Lahiri makes the perfect dream BFF. She's smart, successful, and hilarious, and she's never afraid to tell it like it is. Even better? She's played by our Hollywood girl-crush Mindy Kaling, who brings so much charm to the character that even in her most unflattering, out-there moments, you still think, "Yep, I love her." Take a look at all the GIF-worthy moments when you perfectly understood Mindy Lahiri.

When she fully embraces being a total mess

When she creates the world's most brilliant warrior name

When she defends her dietary rights

When she explains the art of pop music

When she calls for help

When she says what you've thought a million times

When she spells out the magic of a chocolate fountain

When she sheds light on her relationship strengths

When she combines drinking and beauty efforts

When she clarifies her street style inspiration

When she calls out a spoilers hater

When she lists her life plans

When she embraces the state of denial

When she very politely says she's bored

When she expresses some serious self-confidence

When she performs a celebrity-saving workout

When she really throws down in a drinking battle

When she outlines her workout regimen

When she accurately pins down the best-friend role

When she engages in some #realtalk

When she gets totally freaked out and takes a few precautions

When she knows that dessert will make everything OK

When she reveals her happily-ever-after dreams

When she really knows her night-out priorities

When she laments the dating pool

When she gives a nod to Yeezus

When she rightfully assumes everyone is checking her out

When she reveals her chick-flick routine

When she stops everything for a quick victory dance

When she stands by her dating habits

When she decides to make a real change

When she stands up for herself

When she mentions her imaginary husband

When she doesn't quite know how to comfort someone

When she decides to maybe lower her standards

When she just says it like it is

When she knows the best way to solve her problems

When she doesn't let someone else label her

And when she absolutely nails the clarification of what "best friend" means

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