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16 Movies to Watch When You Need a Good Cry

Dec 31 2014 - 11:00am

The Fault in Our Stars had everyone talking in 2014 — and everyone admitting how much it made them cry [1] — so we thought it'd be a good time to induct it into the most sob-worthy movies hall of fame. It joins the following group of films, contributed by POPSUGAR editors and employees, who admitted which are their go-to tear-fest flicks.

Source: 20th Century Fox [2]

Notting Hill

I love everything about this movie (the story behind it with Sting and Madonna [3]), Hugh Grant [4], Julia Roberts [5], etc. But the final press-conference scene always has me in tears! — Rebecca Gruber, moms editor

The Notebook

This one is a bit of a cliche . . . But The Notebook always makes me wail. I can't help it. The old couple at the ending, the Alzheimer's . . . Nicholas Sparks is the ultimate puppeteer of women's emotions. — Anna Roberts, assistant food editor

How precious is that last scene? — Melissa Pinpin, marketing manager

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump now makes me cry when the opening credits roll, because I know what's coming! — Gemma Cartwright, UK fashion and beauty editor

For the entire last 30 minutes. "You died on a Saturday morning, and I placed you here under our tree." AGH. — Nicole Nguyen, assistant tech editor


It's an obvious one, and even though I know that boat is going to sink and I know who is going to die, I start crying every single time Rose tells Jack she'll never let go. Every single time. — Hedy Phillips, copy editor

Marley & Me

Any movie where the dog — spoiler alert! — dies is a recipe for disaster. It's hard to even think about this movie without sobbing. — Alyse Whitney, assistant celebrity editor

Their beloved dog dies, and I cry anytime an animal dies in a movie. — Melissa Pinpin, marketing manager

Dead Poets Society

Oh captain, my captain, dads are jerks, and teenagers have ALL THE FEELINGS. When I was young and emo, I would put this on and bawl. Young Robert Sean Leonard was too pretty to die. — Sabrina Eldredge, senior product manager

Steel Magnolias

This ensemble cast packs in so many quotable zingers that you don't even see the deep cries coming. No matter how many times you watch Sally Field [6] and Julia Roberts [7] as mother and daughter, you'll have a different emotional response each and every time. — Nick Maslow, celebrity editorial assistant

The Impossible

Holy hell, 30 seconds into it, and I found myself assuming the fetal position. It gets me every time. The menacing sound of the approaching wall of water and just knowing thousands of people are about to die. Little kids + moms + natural disaster + true story = perfect equation to tug on heartstrings. So many feelings. I think I went through an entire minipack of Kleenex — you've been warned. Thank god it has a happy-ish ending. — Katie Henry, marketing manager

It's a Wonderful Life

It doesn't have to be the holidays for this movie to get me all choked up. Those final moments when George Bailey rushes home and is so grateful to find that he still has a family who loves him . . . Hang on, I'm crying right now. — Shannon Vestal, TV and movies editor

Source: RKO Pictures [8]

Imitation of Life

Every time I watch Imitation of Life (the 1959 version), I bawl. The scene where the character throws herself on her mother's casket gets me every time. Typically my mom and I watch it together, and she reminds me how much I should appreciate her as the credits roll. — Jessica Cruel, assistant beauty editor

Eight Crazy Nights

This is going to sound weird but . . . Eight Crazy Nights does me in. Whitey Duvall is so cute, caring — who else would give up sugar because his sibling, not himself, is diabetic? — and lovable. All he wants is to be recognized for his hard work and win an All-Star patch but is always overlooked. I can't help but tear up every time I watch it. — Mandi Villa, contributing fashion editor


While the Toy Story movies (especially the third) are the most-mentioned movies when it comes to tearjerker animated films, Up will get you every time. It is a happy-cry as you see all the sweet moments with Carl and Ellie and then an ugly-cry as she dies, he's alone, and he tries to live out her dream. — Alyse Whitney, assistant celebrity editor

For a quick fix, first few minutes of Up about Carl's wife. Tears. Every. Single. Time. — Gemma Cartwright, UK fashion and beauty editor

Ellie and Carl's relationship summed up in four minutes — just pass the entire box of tissues already! — Lisa Sugar, editor in chief

Uptown Girls

I always cry at the end, when Neal sings "Molly Smiles" while Ray and her ballet class dance to it. I don't know if it's because it's a sad song or the look on Brittany Murphy [9]'s face when she realizes she'll be OK, but it gets me every time. — Leah Rocketto, assistant moms editor

Source: MGM [10]

My Dog Skip

Having a special love for Jack Russells and watching a boy create such a special bond with his best friend before scenes where the dog gets beaten at one point and then ultimately dies . . . I can't even watch the early scenes of joy when Willie first gets the dog, knowing the fate of what's to come. — Lisa Sugar, editor in chief

Big Fish

Whenever I have a fever, I always watch Big Fish. I weep like a baby, and then the fever miraculously breaks. I don't know how or why that works, but it's my go-to medicine. — Anna Roberts, assistant food editor

The Fault in Our Stars

Meet the latest entrant into movies guaranteed to make you bawl, and for good reason. The Fault in Our Stars is full of sob-worthy moments [11], and judging by the amount of sniffles reported in the theater when it was released, I think this might be pretty universal. — Shannon Vestal, TV and movies editor

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