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37 Phoebe Buffay Moments That Make You Absolutely Love Her

Jul 30 2014 - 7:00am

From her "Smelly Cat" performances to her hilarious one-liners to her sweet, surprising advice, there are more than a few memorable Phoebe moments from over the years. Who could forget that time she thought "Tiny Dancer" was actually about Tony Danza, or the time she absolutely freaked out over Ross and his ridiculously white teeth? There's something so hopeful about the character, and after the show wrapped, Kudrow said [1], "Phoebe was very far from who I was as a person, but part of her definitely rubbed off on me — inspired me to be more optimistic." To celebrate this week's 20th anniversary of Friends, here are 37 times you adored Phoebe Buffay in all her perfect weirdness.

When She Makes Zero Excuses

When She's a Patient Teacher

When She Performs Her Musical Masterpiece

When She Kindly Helps a Friend

When She Run-Gallops

When She Reinvents Herself

When She Sings From the Heart

When She Flirts by Half-Pouncing

When She Swears at the Top of Her Lungs

When She Flaunts What She's Got

When She Reinterprets "Tiny Dancer"

When She Reinterprets "Roxanne"

When She Drops Some Real Talk

When She Speaks Up For Herself

When She Says It Like It Is

When She Busts a Move

When She Sets Realistic Goals

When She Lets Loose

When She Just Can't Keep It Together

When She Goes After What She Wants

When She's So Endearing It Hurts

When She Channels Her Inner Superhero

When She Shows So, So Much Love

When She Shares the Perfect Love Advice

When She Lets Her Walls Down

When She Shows Off Her Communication Skills

When She Shamelessly Begs

When She Asks the Hard Questions

When She Literally Jumps For Joy

When She Harnesses Her Star Power

When She Unapologetically Freaks Out

When She Flirts Like It's Her Job

When She Lays It All Out There

When She Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve

When She Freaks Out Over Ross and His White Teeth

When She Throws One Back With the Girls

And When She Says "I Do" to Her Happily Ever After

Phoebe + Mike = 4ever.

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