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13 Great Romantic Comedies to Stream on Netflix

Jul 21 2016 - 5:00pm

It's no secret that the last few years have been a bleak time for romantic comedies, though 2016 is bringing some new hopefuls to the genre [1]. I don't know what happened to girls just standing in front of boys asking them to love them or why Tom Hanks [2] isn't shutting down Meg Ryan [3]'s shop anymore; I just know that this genre isn't as good as it used to be. To help matters, I've picked out a handful of great romantic comedies that you can stream on Netflix — movies that are either old favorites, gems you may have never seen, or semirecent movies you missed for whatever reason. Get ready to fall in love again!



Don't let the subtitles scare you away. This French movie is a delight. Audrey Tautou is a shy Parisian making the lives around her better and more interesting, but she's scared of it for her own life — until she meets someone worthy of her. Trust me: you'll swoon.

Watch it now! [9]

50 First Dates

This is from a time when you still loved every new Adam Sandler [10] movie, and this one in particular — one of his romantic comedies with Drew Barrymore [11] — is still really sweet and funny.

Watch it now! [12]

Silver Linings Playbook

A serious-sounding drama masquerading as a delightful romantic comedy. It succeeds on every level, especially with Bradley Cooper [13] and Jennifer Lawrence [14] as the leads.

Watch it now. [15]

Shakespeare in Love

Though not a traditional romantic comedy — it's set in 16th-century England, not the Manhattan publishing world — it is funny (Ben Affleck [16]!), and it is very, very romantic. And Gwyneth Paltrow [17] won an Oscar for it, so it has that going for it too.

Watch it now! [18]

I Give It a Year

This 2013 movie beats the rule that recent romantic comedies aren't good by completely bending the rules. I won't give it away, but I Give It a Year is totally unpredictable but still very cute, and Rafe Spall and Rose Byrne are a gut-busting pair of newlyweds.

Watch it now! [19]

Love Actually

It doesn't have to be the holidays to get swept up in this ensemble romantic comedy that can be both tragic and wonderful at the same time.

Watch it now [20].

Elsa & Fred

Get romantic with Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer as two people who discover love late in life.

Watch it now. [21]

Save the Date

Comedy fanatics will love seeing Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie [22], and Martin Starr in the same low-budget romance; romance fanatics will appreciate how Caplan's character's feelings are treated in the face of what she's supposed to want vs. what she really wants.

Watch it now. [23]

A Case of You

Check out A Case of You, in which Justin Long [24] tries to romance Evan Rachel Wood by becoming her perfect man.

Watch it now. [25]

Man Up

Lake Bell plays a single girl who pretends to be the blind date of a guy who seems like a catch (Simon Pegg), but the duplicity kind of brings them together.

Watch it now [26].


This '90s classic isn't just a zeitgeist of the era; there are also multiple romantic arcs within (along with the foundation of all of our crushes on Paul Rudd [27]).

Watch it now. [28]

Something's Gotta Give

Diane Keaton [29] and Jack Nicholson [30] seek to break the latter's tendency to only date much younger women in this charming romantic comedy.

Watch it now. [31]

Your Sister's Sister

Mark Duplass will be your new crush when you see him as Jack, Emily Blunt [32]'s nebbishy, underachieving but sweet best friend in this underrated indie drama.

Watch it now. [33]

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