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The 5 Biggest Shockers From the True Blood Series Finale

Aug 25 2014 - 8:00am

True Blood met the true death this week when the series finale wound down seven seasons of weird sex [1], gore, and vampire drama. There are several shocking turns in the series's final bow (and no, it wasn't just the lack of sex scenes, though that is jarring). In fact, the majority of the finale is high-spirited, what with a surprise wedding [2], a satisfying fate for one of the show's biggest villains, and some sweet outcomes for some of our favorite characters. That said, there is one major downer (or is it?), but before we start debating that here, let's recount the five biggest shocks from the True Blood series finale.

Bill Asks Sookie to Kill Him

In Bill's continuing quest for the true death, he implores Sookie to give him "the ultimate kindness" — use her faerie light-ball on him and kill him. We'll get to that later, but the rest of the episode keeps us on the edge of whether she'll go through with it, from her surprising new ability to read his mind (and to hear nothing but sweet nothings) to her flashback of Gran telling her she can have any kind of future she wants.

Jessica and Hoyt's Surprise Wedding

Did anyone see this coming? I mean, their reconnection last week had been promising, but I never would have thought that we'd see a surprise wedding [3] on this series finale. With Bill knowing he's going to die, his delight at Jessica and Hoyt being back together gives way to a dying wish: that he see his "daughter" marry. After an embarrassing exchange in which he admits this and gets Hoyt to propose, Jessica decides she's down, and a quickie ceremony is arranged. Though it's all so fast, the vows are moving, everyone is happy, and at least one relationship is tied up in a neat little bow.

Eric and Pam Don't Kill Sarah

We've been waiting for a gory fate for Sarah Newlin since she's emerged as one of the series's biggest villains (at least in terms of the damage she's caused). She does get what's coming to her, but she doesn't die. First, Eric and Pam let her go, knowing they'll track her down, kill Mr. Gus and the rest of the yakuza, then get her back to synthesize her blood. It's not enough that Eric and Pam become millionaires off "New Blood," but they torture Sarah forever by letting people drink her at $100K per minute. Oh, and she's haunted forever by Steve Newlin, which certainly must suck.

Sookie Kills Bill

Ultimately, Sookie and Bill don't end up together [4] — at least, not physically. While Sookie opts not to use her waning faerie light to end Bill and thus lose that part of herself, she still kills him, fulfilling his wish. While straddling him in the coffin buried for him during his human life, Sookie stakes him, and he explodes into a bloody, gooey mess. It makes a little hard to be sentimental, but like that, he's gone. And like he said, he and Sookie are both free.

Everyone Gets a Happy Ending

Well, except for Bill. After Bill is gone, Sookie fulfills his wish for her, and she goes on to have a normal life with a mystery man. She's not the only one with babies and all that — Jason and Bridget also have gotten together and popped out three of their own. Sam is back (at least for Thanksgiving), Jessica and Hoyt are still together, and so are Lafayette and James, and pretty much everyone else who'd paired off before the finale. But the happiest ending of all? Eric and Pam being the rich CEOs of New Blood.

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