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47 Ways to Add Literary Charm to Your Wedding

Aug 9 2016 - 8:30am

Bookworm brides, you'll want to see this! We're not ashamed to admit we have a nerdy side, and we think book- and library-inspired details would make any engagement party, bridal shower, or wedding [1] that much more of a page-turner. So if you're a bookworm like us, dive into these ideas for adding literary charm to your big-day celebrations.

Chapter by Chapter

Have each table be a different chapter with a decorative index showing the seat assignments.

Soft Focus

A blend of cotton and book pages make for a dreamy and unusual bouquet alternative.

Romantic Reading

Add flowers and candles to a book centerpiece for a romantic setting.

Plan of Attack

Use a Penguin book style for your ceremony programs.


Books make for an unexpected archway for either the ceremony or reception.

Cutting Corners

Enlist an artist's help to carve out letters from old books.


Use old books as creative frames for pics of you and your love or of couples in the two families.


Use faux book covers as table numbers named after famous authors.

Guest Book

Use library cards for guests to write notes.


Use vintage library filing cards for your guests' seating assignments.

Take a Break

Give your guests something to read during the downtime between the ceremony and the reception.


Use Penguin books to inspire booklets for your guests with details about the couple.

Grand Entrance

Have the party in an actual library to really wow your friends and family.

Check Out

Use vintage library card files to hold cards from guests.

Set the Scene

Use vintage crates to hold piles of books as decor for a backyard soiree.

A Rose Is a Rose

Incorporate paper flowers made from book pages in the floral centerpieces.

Retro Reads

Hardcover books with retro lettering make for perfect table signs for a 1920s-themed wedding [2].

Pick a Card

Purchase vintage library cards from Etsy or eBay for seating assignments.

Page by Number

Stack pretty books as easy centerpieces with the table numbers on top.

Sweet Topper

Make fans out of book pages to decorate your dessert table.

Favorite Reads

Use you and your man's favorite books for personalized table decor.

Sweet Detail

Use book pages for paper roses to decorate your cake.


Book pages make fun cones to hold candy or other goodies at the party.

Flowering Words

Have someone crafty make a paper-flower bouquet for the bride-to-be.

Dewey Details

A vintage library card filing cabinet is the perfect party decoration.


Books as centerpieces do double duty — they're pretty and your guests can always read if there's downtime in between the ceremony and the reception.


If the party is small, have it in a bookstore for a sweet book-filled setting.

Skip to My Loo

Don't forget about the bathrooms at your wedding [3] — add some minimal decor with some personalized books.

Take a Bow

Use a cluster of books tied with a ribbon for centerpiece decor.

Need a Lift

Stack books on your dessert table to give your sweet treats some height.

Hand Picked

Collect used books at a flea market or swap meet for a cheap and personalized favor idea. Give books hand-picked for each guest.

It's a Sign

Paint a phrase or you and your fiancé's names on hanging used books for a sign that makes a statement.

On a Roll

Wrap book pages around the napkins with the names of the guests.

Spined Seating

Write the names of your guests on book spines for clever and decorative seating assignments.

Paint by Number

Have pretty book illustrations up as reception decor.

Page Turner

Scattered book pages make a gorgeous cascading table runner.

Color Coded

Group vintage books by color for a fun twist.

Get Crafty

Book pages can be crafted into all sorts of garlands and decor.


Take a cue from these lawyer lovebirds who decorated the reception with law school textbooks and incorporate books from your own romantic past into your big day.

Go Green

These DIY [4] succulent vases are made from old books!

Stamp of Approval

Use a cute book icon on your good like these book-stamped coasters.

Have a Heart

Use book pages to create pretty hearts for centerpieces that show the love.

Type It Up

A vintage typewriter makes great decor, but it also can be used as a guestbook.

Piece of Cake

Use a book display to show what flavor the cupcakes are.

Page by Page

Use actual book pages to print your invitations on.

By Candlelight

Get in touch with your crafty side by decoupaging book pages onto candles.

Wedding's Afoot

Use the books for visual interest when taking the standard bridal shoe pics.

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