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50 Couple Moments to Capture at Your Wedding

Mar 15 2015 - 10:00am

When it comes to your wedding day photo checklist [1], it doesn't get much more important than the photos you take with your spouse-to-be. We've scoured Pinterest [2], the Internet, and our own featured weddings [3] to find the most romantic, creative, and inspiring couple photos out there. There are cute poses you can replicate and enough spontaneous kisses to have you melting into a puddle of awww. If you're tying the knot, get ready to take notes. And be sure to check out our POPSUGAR Wedding Guide [4] for even more great wedding [5] inspiration!

Photo by Emily Blake Photography [6] via Style Me Pretty [7]

Forehead Kiss

Photo by Amelia Lyon [8] via 100 Layer Cake [9]

From Behind

Photo by Birgit Hart Fotografie [10] via Style Me Pretty [11]

The Pickup

Photo by Caroline Tran Photographer [12] via Style Me Pretty [13]

Handy Heart on the Back

Photo by Joshua McCoy Photography [14] via Bridal Guide [15]

Photo Booth Kiss

Photo by Matt Shumate Photography [16] via Wedding Chicks [17]

Door Hand-Holding

Photo by Jen Fariello [18] via Style Me Pretty [19]

Playing With Light

Photo by Amy Arrington Photography [20] via Wedding Chicks [21]

Holding Parents' Photos

Photo by Alison Epps Photography [22] via Style Me Pretty [23]

Rainy Night Kiss

Photo by M2 Photography [24] via Rustic Wedding Chic [25]

Barefoot Exit Kiss

Photo by onelove photography [26] via Style Me Pretty [27]

First Look

Photo by Michèle M. Waite [28]

Passionate Kiss

Photo by Max Wanger [29] via Style Me Pretty [30]

Getaway-Car Embrace

Photo by Elizabeth Messina [31] via 100 Layer Cake [32]

Under the Umbrella

Photo by Ariel Renae Photography [33] via Ruffled [34]

Lying Down

Photo by Our Labor of Love [35] via Ruffled [36]

The Butt Grab

Photo by Matt Edge Photography [37] via Style Me Pretty [38]

Fist in the Air

Photo by Emily Blake Photography [39] via Wedding Chicks [40]

Under the Veil

Photo by Nancy Aidée Photography
 [41] via Style Me Pretty [42]

Silly Dancing

Photo by Evangeline Lane Photography [43]

Close-Up of the Ring

Photo by Carina Skrobecki Photo [44] via Ruffled [45]

Watching the Lanterns

Photo by Jordan Weiland [46] via Wedding Chicks [47]

The "&" Sign Hold

Source: Wedding Chicks [48]


Photo by Glen Durrell Photography [49]

The Full-Body Kiss

Photo by Emily Blake Photography [50] via Style Me Pretty [51]

Sitting on the Getaway Car

Photo by Jana Williams Photography [52] via Green Wedding Shoes [53]

Kiss on the Hand

Photo by Jose Villa [54] via Green Wedding Shoes [55]

Sparkler Exit

Photo by Studio Castillero [55] via Green Wedding Shoes [56]

Groom Singing

Photo by Flory Photo [57]

LOVE Spelled Out

Source: Facebook user Rebecca Fitzpatrick Photography [58]

The Carry and Kiss

Photo by Lane Dittoe Fine Art Wedding Photographs [59] via Style Me Pretty [60]

Blowing Glitter

Photo by Us Is Greater Than You Plus Me Photography [61] via Green Wedding Shoes [62]


Photo by Glen Durrell Photography [63]

Taking a Ride

Photo by Hugh Forte [64] via Green Wedding Shoes [65]

Bench Kiss

Emotional Vows

Photo by Oli Sansom [66] via Style Me Pretty [67]

First-Dance Smile

Photo by Docuvitae [68] via Style Me Pretty [69]


Photo by JLB Wedding [70]

Your Sexy Side

Photo by Elizabeth Messina [71] via Style Me Pretty [72]

Hold From Behind

Photos by Tyler Branch Photo [73] via Green Wedding Shoes [74]

Heart Hands

Source: Style Me Pretty [75]

Against the Fence

Photo by Terra Rothman Photography [76] via Ruffled [77]

Just-Married Shoes

Photo by Jenna Petersen [78] via Wedding Chicks [79]

Seasonal Kiss

Photo by Priscila Valentina [80] via Green Wedding Shoes [81]

Intimate Couch Moment

Photo by Phil Chester [82] via Green Wedding Shoes [83]


Photo by Studio 1208 [84] via Style Me Pretty [85]

Sweet Look

Photo by Géraldine Lentzy-Vilmain [86]

Action Shot

Photo by Stephanie Williams [87] via Green Wedding Shoes [88]

Just-Married Kiss

Photo by onelove photography [89] via Style Me Pretty [90]

Nose to Nose

Photo by Amber McGaughey Photography [91] via Wedding Chicks [92]

The Dip

Photo by Matthew Morgan Photography [93] via Wedding Chicks [94]

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